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Classic and  Elegant

At Abu Yasseen we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best classic furniture in Oman.  Our long history in the gulf as a marquetry specialty house allows us to provide our clients with the best of Omans marquetry tradition.  Yet, we dont stop there.  We provide Iranian, French, Syrian and marquetry with Moroccan influences as well.  In some cases we have had a request to combine cultures which is challenging but in the end rewarding.  This gives us a chance to create something that has never been seen!

Attention to detail is always paramount, and we are proud to uphold  Omans marquetry history at Abu Yasseen.  It was our chairmans vision 23 years ago to open a factory that celebrates this history and true Omani design tradition.  We have grown with the addition of technology, yet our vision through the leadership of our chairman is unchanging.  We love art and what we create is exactly that..Art.  Art that you can live with, enjoy, and hand down from generation to generation!

We are proud to be an Omani company, and represent this beautiful country and its traditions.

 Attention to Detail

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