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     Our in house wood artist Professor Mehran Amirinanlou has been making breathtaking wood art for decades.  Mr. Mehran graduated from the Art University of Tehran with a Bachelors degree in handicrafts. He is considered a pioneer in his wood cutting methods, and has a unique method in cutting traditional marquetry as well.  Iran’s Heritage and Culture Organization awarded him an ultimate award celebrating his expertise in art, and five significant pieces of his work are currently being shown in Tehran’s Handicraft Museum gallery.  He has held many talks internationally during his career, and has taught numerous students in various art universities’ including The Islamic art University of Tabriz, The University of Handicrafts (in Tehran), and Al Zahra. His teachings have spanned more than 10 years.




  Wood Art

     Professor Mehran has been featured in many international exhibitions in numerous countries including Doha, Qatar, Beijing (China), Islamabad, (Pakistan), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

     In his work, he uses only real wood.  He does not use pigment of any kind. He creates various landscapes, wildlife, portraits and many other works of art without the use of any artificial or additional colors. The wood itself creates the shades that you see.   

     His expert technique has so much detail; it is hard to put into words.  One must see his work with their own eyes to understand the depth of his work and his creative genius.

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